Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Lucky Guy is On The Bottom in Jiu-Jitsu. Advice for Big Guys.

This Blog is dedicated to all you big guys out there.  How lucky are you to be big?  Very lucky!  

This means in Jiu-Jitsu you can typically have whatever position you wish starting out.  What position do you usually choose?  You choose to be on top ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. 

You are probably thinking “Well, How is this bad?  This is bad because you are focused on short term winning at the cost of LONG TERM winning.  “What do you mean?”

Don’t be like I was UP TO Purple Belt.  I’m a pretty big guy.  I was ALWAYS starting a roll by attacking so I could ALWAYS gain the top position.  I was so focused on staying off the bottom, because it sucked.   I would never take too many chances on top for fear of getting the position reversed and ending up on the bottom.  This means that I would use my size and stick to my sure and easy moves like the side control Americana so that I wouldn’t give my opponent any escape opportunities.  In two words I was “One Dimensional.”

If I got reversed, which was what was happening over time, it would be a living hell to get back to the top.  I one day realized that if I were really going to get good at Jiu-Jitsu I would have to make my bottom game just as good as my top game.  From that day on I ALWAYS made my way to the bottom.  What did I discover?  That it was hell being on the bottom! 

Over time though my bottom game (guard, sidecontrol bottom, North/South Bottom and bottom mount) improved and I survived just fine (Like a small guy) my sweeping ability allowed me to gain the top allowing me to take more chances on top without fear of ending up back on the dreaded bottom.  The claustrophobia dissipated and I became at home on the bottom….AS WELL as the top.  I became well rounded. I now LOVE being a big guy on the bottom.

They say that Jiu-Jitsu is a small man’s sport. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu's specialty is the bottom game. The reason is that small guys are FORCED to start out on the bottom and get good at it.  Big Guys get to CHOOSE. Let me repeat again BIG GUYS GET TO CHOOSE.  How cool is that?

If an opponant were to grapple with me on our knees- Much of the time I will just fall on my back and LET my opponent have the top side control or sometimes I’ll use my guard.  This pisses a few guys off because it makes it seem like I’m insulting them.   But why?  They most likely want to fight to the death for that top position anyway.  Here take it.  If I’m grappling with a small guy then I’m letting him work his top game instead of his awesome guard that HE ALWAYS goes to.  

Don't do this ALL THE TIME big guys so you lose your aggression but I would be on the bottom and "earn" your way to the top a considerable amount.  You will be a nightmare.

Remember Big Guys…You GET to choose.  For long term improvement “The Lucky Guy is on the Bottom.”

P.S. Out on the Street, in MMA or at a Tournament the Lucky Guy is on top beating the crap out of the opponent. Being on the bottom during practice will help you achieve this.

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  1. Great post Keith, as a small guy I always appreciate it when a big guy lets us work our top game a bit.