Monday, June 29, 2015

What to do with Fake BJJ Black Belts.

I once had a fake BJJ black belt start up a school in my town.  He literally took my marketing as his own and then started to wreck my reputation around town for no reason.  He invited a high level black belt to his school (very famous) and the high level black belt took him on as an affiliate!

The worst thing he did was promote unsuspecting white belt students to blue belts.  He was finally outed by the internet community. How do you think his students felt?  Hurt? Betrayed? Are they really blue belts? How would you feel?

The amazing part is this guy had a long history of doing these sorts of things before this.  His girlfriend called me, out of the blue, crying one day.  She finally saw through all the lies and was distraught.  We had a heartfelt two hour talk about all the bull he told her, including the story that he was a legit bjj black belt and he told her that for a time he had played "the Stig" on Top Gear!  Can you believe that?  He has probably moved on and is misrepresenting himself right now in some other industry. I'd bet on it.  

What's worse is he also convinced another guy to put a black belt on and tell everyone this fake instructor promoted him to black even though the fake instructor had no stripes.  This new guy had the balls to pretend he was actually a  black belt at tournaments until one of my purple belts tapped him out at a super match we set up.   It then became abundantly clear that he was in no way a black belt.  The mats don't lie.

People who pretend to be something they are not are sociopaths and compulsive liars. This is why I'm unapologetic about my words and have no sympathy for these guys. It amazes me that so many people on social media don't think the fake black belts should be humiliated for lying.  These people simply go through life "feeling" and not "thinking."   These naive people appear to lack critical thinking skills and just want to reflexively hug these wolves because these guys have problems.  It's always, "You shouldn't humiliate him like that," until it happens to them then the huggers get a real dose of reality and the anger and hurt that follows. It's called being victimized.   

The hugger's words humiliate the true victims in this story, the white belts who he promoted to blue and the high level black belt he conned into affiliation with. Fake black belts are no different then the two escaped convicts from the New York prison in personality traits, they lie and manipulate to get what they want and sometimes wreck lives.   They just haven't killed anyone..or have they?  Who knows the truth.  You can never get to it.

To end, I would like to say it took me 13 years of very hard work and dedication to earn my BJJ black belt.  I'll be damned if I'm going allow someone to get it in 30 seconds!  Public humiliation is not too great a punishment in my eyes.  People need to know as to be on the look out for these charlatans!

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