Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think one of the most difficult things for a human being to do is admit that they have fear in a given situation or for an upcoming event.  American Male Culture seems to act like the absence of fear is a good thing and it makes one a tough person.  I think of MMA  most when I think of this.  The fighters never act scared but I assure you, they are pissing their pants.
I subscribe to the theory that if you don’t have fear, trepidation or concern in certain situations then something is wrong with YOU.  Fear is vital for human survival.  It is a positive thing and is nothing more than our bodies telling us that it is concerned about what is about to happen and we need to pay some serious attention.  It’s like a child screaming.  If a person ignores the child then the child will typically yell even louder bugging us to death.  But if they first acknowledge the child screaming, then one can typically take action and get it to calm down after a short time. The child just wants attention and so does a person’s brain. 
I have been frightened, scared, hesitant, anxious and concerned a multitude of times. I have grappled hundreds and hundreds of people;   I have spoken in front of thousands of people giving seminars and speeches.  I was also a cop having to take people into custody.  I know what fear is!  
The way I handle fear is to simply admit that I’m scared. I admit it quietly and just like the screaming kid, my brain gets the message and my hesitation will subside.  What else can my brain do?  I admitted it.  How can someone keep arguing with me if I admit what they are saying is right?   I also change my word pattern.  I don’t say “Scared, “I change the word to “Excited.”  Works like a charm.  Give it a try…Just admit the fear, change the word around and surprisingly the fear subsides letting you be the hero.

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