Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Many Gi's Should You Own?

I know a lot of my students own at least Six  BJJ Gis (Uniforms) .  They are always buying the latest and coolest gi they can find.  To be honest I like it.  I think being fashionable in Jiu-Jitsu is ok.  I personally have around nine gis of my own and lately I have been buying more but for the longest time I owned only three. 
I would suggest that a student own a minimum of three Gis.  That way he can always rotate and wash them so that the gi remain clean.   Owning only one gi will make your gi old and dirty real real fast.   Do yourself a favor and make the investment in a number of gis.

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  1. After this weekend i will own 4. 2 keico raca, 1 century (which was given to me), and 1 RMNU Gi. I agree. The guys that kind of always 'smell' only own one Gi. :)

  2. since training is such a huge part of my life, i almost wear my gis more than my regular clothes. that said, i have quite a few gis. it used to be that i needed a couple of gis just to have a decent rotation for cleanliness (a clean gi is very good thing to have), but i also LOVE the variety. black, blue, white...mix and match! :) i guess it is the girl in me. (but notice i didn't say pink)

    i used to want to have a bunch of different styles and brands, but i am now finding my favorites and sticking to them. "new" and "fancy" is nice, but there is nothing like putting on a gi that fits you, that almost becomes part of you. *sigh