Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Know the Rules, Win the Game

I was watching the Pans on BudoVideos.com  last week-end and over my viewing time I watched several people get disqualified for rule violations.  This amazes me!  You spend all the time training your heart out and then pay the cost of getting to the Pans and you lose because you didn’t pay attention to how the  rules go?  You, my friend,are known as a dumbass!  Darwin’s Theory on the “Survival of the Fittest” doesn’t only pertain to strength and health but to mental capacity, problem solving and strategy as well. Knowing the rules is the fundamental  strategic  first step in winning your matches.

I have been to numerous Ref Clinics and I am always amazed at some small  “point” that I had overlooked.  I submit to you that if most competitors and coaches would actually go to a serious IBJJF clinic they would walk out blown away at what they didn’t know.  Reading, studying and knowing the rules is not a one off thing in this “Game” we call Tournament Jiu-jitsu.  It is about constantly refreshing your memory so that you know ALL the ends and outs rule- wise.  If you are of the mind that, “I read the rules once three years ago and I’m good to go,”  you are going to be in for a big surprise. 

I know that reading the rules is not sexy but you MUST master the intricacies of  this “Game.”  Coaches should have a rules meeting in their school, verbally and visually going over the rules and provide all their competitors and parents with a copy of the rules.  I would also add that students should practice refereeing matches with fellow students, as well as practice coaching skills with music blaring to make you shout.   

Winning is not only about Submission it’s about scoring points and advantages, once you know all the ways to score points, the wins will come a lot easier. 

My purple belt Matt Owen (no relation) won Gold in his Purple Belt Division and Silver in the absolute at the Pans this year.  He has been to a number of Ref Clinics as well.

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