Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Professor Pedro Sauer Talks BJJ History and the Origins of Animals in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

 Interview with Professor Sauer on how he got the Nickname ...the Cobra!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Why You Should Take Private Lessons!

You want to get better fast you say?  Well here is a sure fire way.  Take Private Lessons!  Private lessons are a way to get to the bottom of the problems you have.  It is often difficult for your instructor to give you the individual attention that you might need in a regular group class setting, especially if that class is huge. I would suggest taking a private with him at least once a month.  If your instructor is top notch then you will be amazed at your quick improvement! 

I know what your thinking…"But it’s going to cost me money!” Yes it will cost you money but to have an hour private with someone that can transform your game is always worth it!  I personally charge $100.00 an hour.  My private lessons are worth twice that because the entire hour I focus on nothing but the student’s  questions and what THEY want to work on. I hide nothing from that student!

“But I can’t afford it”, you say…. Then it’s time to get creative.  Do something to trade out with your instructor.  If you’re a mechanic, electrician, plumber, contractor then start there.  Ask your instructor what he needs.  I’m sure you can work out some kind of deal. 
Pay for a half hour lesson or go in Halves with someone on an hour lesson OR go in a quarter with three other people to make the hour lesson more affordable.  If you are a purple belt , then ask a brown belt for private lessons and start with that. 

Go to morning classes.  Many times a morning class is a little slower and you can tend to get a more personalized lesson out of your instructor.  Be the person to ask questions during class.  I know I love getting questions.

As for me, I am planning on taking more private lessons for myself in the future.  Who would I take private lessons from…A judo guy, Wrestling Coach, Sambo dude, Anyone with a BJJ black belt. I want the knowledge and I’m not too proud to take lessons from anyone.

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