Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jason Scully and the Invisible Art

Let’s get one thing straight about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Making a decent living is all about teaching in your school and NOT about producing DVDs.  

Many people don’t realize that the average DVD set brings in between 5 to 15 thousand dollars in profit over its life!  That might sound like a lot but try living a year on just 15 thousand dollars (over three or four years really).  That just doesn’t go far. With all the DVD and Online competition out there it’s amazing that black belts make much money at all.  I’ve told my students on numerous occasions that I would have made millions by now if it weren’t for BJJ and the Martial arts and I’m serious about it....but it's ok I like it. =)

So let’s put to rest the idea that Black Belts who make DVDs are making a killing. This includes all the world champions.  They aren’t.   We black belts mostly do it because of the uncontrollable insane passion for the art that we have. We just want to SHARE with others so they can grow and make BJJ flourish. 

Jason Scully is one such individual in particular.

Jason’s passion for BJJ is crazy!   This guy spends hours videoing his work and then typically gives his moves out for FREE on YouTube!   Take for instance his 57 Guard Passing Techniques in 8 Minutes, what’s this guy making by giving ALL these awesome moves to you, for nothing?  You got it.... nothing.  He just wants to share it as a reference so YOU"LL get better.  He simply loves the art!

Jason recently sent me a copy of his Invisible Grappling DVD Set for review.   This is a 7 DVD set with hours of video!!   It took me days to watch it all!!   The only thing I can say about it is that it’s absolutely outstanding!   One of the best videos I have seen in a long time.   It is every blue and purple belts dream set.    This is material too detailed and foundational to find on YouTube but you must have, hence the name “Invisible.”  

The sad part is this DVD set is SOLD OUT.  Jason isn’t making anymore, most likely because it’s very expensive to produce.  So I’m the first person in BJJ history to review a DVD set that you probably can’t get anymore.  It got scooped up like money falling from a building.

My point is…when Jason does a video you might want to be the first in line to buy a copy.  I have also learned that when he tells you there will be no more made,  HE ACTUALLY MEANS IT.   
 “Invisible Grappling” represents the incredible base technique that most practitioners don’t see or get…but I also think it means that if you haven’t bought Jason Scully’s DVD set…It’s now invisible to you. =).  

You can find out more about Jason Scully at www.jasonscully.com  or see if you can actually sign up for a change at his grappling resource forum  www.grapplersguide.com . Most of the time joining is only opened on a limited time basis.  I've been a proud member for over 5 years!

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