Thursday, November 10, 2011

Washing your Gi

I am regularly asked how often you should wash your gi. The obvious answer is after each session, however; I am not naive enough to think that every person washes their gi after EACH and EVERY training.

I admit that I have gone several classes without washing my gi before and the world didn’t come to an end. The problem comes when you push it more than 3 times on a regular basis without washing, you are really risking

1). Catching a disease,
2) Turning Your White Gi brown,
3) Offending Your Training Partners with your stench. You know..that ammonia smell.

This also goes for rash guards and shorts as well.

I have walked into numerous schools and saw students with dirty gis. I cringe because these are people that aren’t keeping their stuff clean. This means I have a better chance of getting staph. Don’t be one of these guys! Have several gis and wash them regularly! This goes for belts as well! Then wash YOURSELF after every class.

There is nothing cool about Dirty Gis.

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1 comment:

  1. When I used to practice judo, I used to wash mi gi after every class, so it wears out quickly. My teacher told me not to wash it after every class, that it would be better wash it every week, and during classes just let it ventilating on my backyard. Today for my bjj lessons I have two gis, I used them two consecutive lessons (without washing between lesson, only ventilating) and then change to the other already washed and clean.