Monday, February 27, 2012

Should you go to Seminars?

I JUST RETURNED FROM A GREAT SEMINAR IN PORTLAND with my instructor Professor Pedro Sauer hosted by 1st degree Black Belt Anibal Lobo ( I just want to say I love seminars! I think that after having a great instructor, going to seminars is the best way to learn Jiu-Jitsu! Instructors will pull out their best material, things that they would never show on YouTube. I know that this is the case for me. I bring my "A" game material to all my seminars! I know that people pay good money to see me so I always try to bring “the wow factor!”, but for simple and common moves,like Professor Sauer.

IF YOU ARE "THAT GUY" WHO NEVER GOES TO SEMINARS because you’re too cheap or you think that your instructor is giving you everything you need then I would ask you to reconsider. You are missing out on moves and concepts that can potentially revolutionize your game! Ideas that you may never see again! Be the guy who will go to anyone’s seminar, especially other associations! This will really widen your knowledge base and give you a fresh perspective on BJJ.

I WANT TO ALSO LET YOU KNOW THAT SUPPORTING YOUR INSTRUCTOR when he or she brings others in for seminars is the best way to show you care about them and your school. They are bringing instructors in to better the students at your school, take part and help them out Mr. Cheap guy. Your instructor will know when you aren’t attending the school seminars too! You know how I know? Because the number one question I get at my seminars from people who bring me in is, “How do you get “some people” who never attend seminars TO ATTEND seminars?” Your face is in the back of his mind! I kid you not.

IF YOU JUST CAN'T AFFORD MANY SEMINARS then put a few bucks aside every month in a seminar fund, then carpool to the seminar and share a hotel room with someone ( I have slept on the floor a lot in my time), or drive right back the same day, getting back at 4 am. Been there, done that. If there is a will…there is a way!

IF YOU ARE A FINANCIALLY STRAPPED SCHOOL OWNER my advice is to bring in BJJ Brown belts. These guys have a lot of great ideas and moves to offer, They just don’t have the color. They will probably do the seminar for way less and it will rock! One day they will be a black belt and you will have been their supportive friend, get my drift?

SEMINARS ARE A GREAT WAY TO NETWORK and meet new people! I have made many lifelong friends this way! On a personal note, It also never gets old when people come up and tell me how much one of my techniques has influenced their game. It’s a great feeling!

SO LETS SUM THINGS UP 1.Go to Seminars 2.Go to everyone’s seminars 3.Don’t be a cheap guy…I think that about covers it.

For More info on how to host a successful seminar go to my website at and hit the seminar tab. I have videos with pointers on how to do it right. Follow me on twitter @keithowen


  1. Seminars can be brilliant... I live in Hong Kong where BJJ is still very much growing and we get around half a dozen seminars for the entire year!

    I've been training for a year and they have varied from too advanced and I can't follow this crazy movement that requires me going upside down to a seminar conducted by Luana Alzuguir that gave me an awesome guard pass I now use all the time.