Thursday, September 19, 2013

Returning to the Mat.

If you spend any time in BJJ you know that for one reason or another you will most likely take an extended break from training.  It might be because of a family or job issue but most of the time it’s due to injury.  This can be difficult especially when you are a purple belt or above.  Most higher belts perceive a target painted on their backs so getting back on the mats can be psychologically tough especially when they are out of shape.

This is something that every student must learn to live with.  Sure you will come back and possibly be ashamed at your cardiovascular condition.  You might get tapped out or get run into the ground by your peers even though you were handling them well before your hiatus.  

I often tell students who are returning that they have my express permission to get tapped as often as they like and that I’m very proud of them for having the intestinal fortitude for not giving up.

Remember, this break in period is only temporary and after a few short training sessions you will get back in the swing of things.  You should do Jiu-Jitsu for the love of it and win or lose it is one of the most amazing endeavors one can do, but you must expect challenges AT ALL TIMES. 

In the end when you are a black belt no one will remember how many times you got tapped.  Some of your insensitive peers might rejoice at how easy they handled you NOW but I promise when you get that black wrap they won’t be piping off.  Jiu-Jitsu is a marathon and not a sprint.

Keep your Commitment.

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