Saturday, March 29, 2014

Royler vs. Eddie: The Crazy Breakdown!

Metamoris 3 was outstanding this time!  Man,  I was on the edge of my chair throughout the event.  I remember saying to myself several times, “ The Gracie/Bravo fight is actually happening!”  If I were an older man I just might have peed myself. =)

As many of you know I have said on several different occasions that 10th Planet moves are NO JOKE.  I have spent numerous hours studying it and working at it.  I have BEEN PUT in many 10th planet techniques and most of the time now I am fortunate to see them coming including the Electric chair.  A guy tried to put me in a twister the other day…tried.  They are VERY EFFECTIVE though.  I always advocate to my students to look into it, because one day it’s going to come their way in a match. 

I feel sometimes like I’m the only Gracie black belt that openly talks about it.   I used to get flak from my gi comrades about it like I’m wrong.  Really?  They work great for the gi too!  But my only goal in Jiu-Jitsu is to get awesome moves and pass them on to my students and I don’t really care where they come from.   I hope that watching this match shows you that maybe you might want to investigate it a bit.

The one thing I don’t understand is that I thought the fight was to go on if there was a threat of a submission.  I’m no expert or nothin but it looked to me like there was a credible threat of a submission on Eddie’s part?  Just sayin.

Having said all of the above, getting a great foundation in the basics is important for beginning students and Gracie jiu-Jitsu is a great style.  Most students are not even going to come close to pulling off a lot of the moves we saw tonight…ever.  These are trained elite professionals who work countless hours perfecting these moves.    

It is by working on basics that later we build the confidence to move on to the more sophisticated moves like the berimbolo and especially 10th planet.  It is by understanding through small hand placements, foot, knee and elbow positioning, weight distribution, timing, angles and basic attacks that we get that coveted foundation. If you don’t have that you are just going to generally suck at Jiu-Jitsu.

I want to point out that the thing that makes Royler Gracie so amazing other than his technique is his will power.  He won’t tap to any kind of arm or leg attack.  He would rather break a knee then submit.  His family reputation is on the line. This is the way of the street fight in the minds of the Gracies. To get Royler you are going to have to choke him out.   That’s just all there is to it.

I want to also add that I don’t think 20 minutes is enough time.  I think it should be 30 minute time limits.  That really pushes the exhaustion factor.  I for one would hang around for it, even if the cost was more expensive. 
Overall, it was a draw.  People on all sides will claim some sort of victory especially the point advocates.  That’s not the rules… we have been through this before.  Jiu-Jitsu is about submitting people otherwise it would be called wrestling.  That’s not an offense to the great sport of wrestling. It’s just a fact.

I want to end by congratulating Ralek Gracie on a wonderful program.  You have outdone yourself sir!

I leave you with this quote from the Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius in the movie Gladiator….


Thanks to the help of guys like Rickson Gracie Black Belt Kevin Casey who stepped in at the last minute I thoroughly was.  You my friend are a warrior!

P.S. I hope Vinny Magalhaes gets better too! MRSA SUCKS!

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  1. Is it just my imagination or Eddie didn't want to break that ankle at the end?

    Here is my viewpoint:
    Eddie is clever like a fox. How would you do to attract Gracie students?
    Defeating the Master creates tensions but getting a draw is different.
    For most people it's gonna be something like this:
    'Eddie was lucky the first time and now he has progressed...but not good enough to defeat the master!'

    Royler will never tap!
    No point to break an ankle (remember Renzo's elbow?) and to become the ennemy. Instead Eddie chose friendship.....

    On the other hand Royler taught us something important: never give up.

    LIke in a rocky movie: how much can you take and keep moving forward?

  2. I totally agree, I was shocked they stopped the fight as it was clear Eddie had a credible threat of a sub. I disagree that this was not another win by Eddie(Gauthier above) Eddie clearly dominated the match from about the 10 min mark and Royler was only surviving. This only adds to Eddie's legend. It also adds to Royler's legendary and deserved toughness as the blog points out. All in all it was awesome, and if Kevin Casey is 185lbs I'm hung like John Holmes.....

  3. Eddie explaining the match :

    While doing the vaporizer (calf crank+toe hold), Eddie asked Royler if he wanted to stop due to the noise of his knee popping up. Royler refused. Apparently Royler has great join flexibility?
    Check it out at 1h07m

    The vaporizer set up by using push and pull is explained by eddie too:
    1h 5min 40sec

    Eddie was going for the kill 100%! I was wrong in my previous post!

    Everyday is a school day.....